About Us

Meet The Owner and Creator of Little Hacienda

Fidel Gómez was born in a small pueblo, Patria Nueva, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. Through little to no means, he traversed to Fayetteville, Arkansas looking for a change in his life as life in Mexico offered little opportunity. The examples shown to him by his parents, José and Cenorina Gómez, were crucial for his family’s future.

Largely influenced by his indigenous Otomi roots, Fidel first grew interested in the foods and smells of his country working alongside his parents on their farm. His traditional upbringing inspired him to share his culture to the city of Branson.

Knowing that he wanted to eventually start his own restaurant, Fidel knew that the only way to achieve his dreams was to start from the bottom up. Starting as a dishwasher at a local Mexican restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Fidel eventually became manager at Taco Place through his hard work and determination. After building up enough experience, Fidel moved his family to Branson, Missouri and opened up Little Hacienda in February of 1999. Today, Chef Fidel presents the Branson community with same iteration of his first restaurant that focuses on cooking with tradition and love.